Sweetbitter Tommy / Guest Star   Starz

Bull Brent Orlov/ Guest Star   CBS

Law and Order Gabriel Norton/Guest Star   NBC

The Get Down Photographer/ Co-star Netflix

Power DJ Taj/ Co-star     Starz

Royal Pains Nash Wexler/ Guest Star    USA


Famous Last Words Marlowe            Dir. M Hoyt-Disick (Kid Can Drive Pictures)

#Wargames Paparazzi Dir Sam Barlow

Cut Shoot Kill Cutter         Dir. Michael Walker

Every Secret Thing Ryan   Dir. Amy Berg

The Confession Young priest                  Dir Brad Mirman/ Kiefer Sutherland

Catherine and William: A Royal Love Story. Duncan     Linda Yellen/ Hallmark

Oka! Derek Dir. Lavinia Currier

Taking Woodstock Assistant                     Focus Features/Ang Lee

Refuge Russell Passerby Films/ Andrew Robertson 

The Imperialists are Still Alive! Eurotrash Boy           Hi, Jack Films/ Zeina Durra

B-Side Bartender           Dir. Amos Posner

The Visitors Daniel (Lead)         Dir. Samina Akbari

The Layabouts Harry     Dir. Jesse Alson-Milkman

Hawkins Hill Sam           Dir. Sara Seligman


Pussy Sludge Sebastian   Less Than Rent Theater

Tranquil Aaron                 Terra Nova Collective

Manuscript David              Manhattan Theater Source 



Crown Royal Maitre D’     Dir. Spike Lee

Nespresso, 2014 Lead   Dir James Gray

Mercedes Benz CLA, Superbowl 2013 Hero Dir. Dante Ariola

Vogue, scripted content with Jessica Chastain     Dir. Matt Frost


The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, New York

George Loros, Paul Calderon, Robert Ellerman, Robert Castle, Judith Robinson

The Webber Douglas Academy, London

Special Skills

British Accent, Guitar, Piano, Soccer, Rugby, Skiing, Stage Combat, Firearms License, Drivers License,